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We marked the 2 Easter Egg crossed chicks with green food coloring. They are soo cute. 

This is the last of the chicks for this setting, the others didn't make it. These will be added to the laying flock when they are older. I will enjoy having a very pretty Laying flock.
here is a picture of the 1st Light Brahma to hatch here....and we have another pip, and 3 more eggs to go,

Candled  the eggs tonight and of the 7 set that are due Feb. 16th
1 was infertile
1 I dropped and was developing
5 I can see veining, development and movement.

of those 5,
2 seem really full already, but they have air cells, so they appear to be on schedule.

Temp 99-100.5
RH is 35-40% 
Autoturner & Fan

the green eggs (2) are Light Brahma/ EE
but the other 3 could be

Pure Light Brahma
Light Brahma x Rocks
Light Brahma x NHR
Light Brahma x Black Sex Link

I just randomly chose 7 as that was the empty turner tray I had for this batch.
Normally when I started hatching, I would bring seperate 3-4 hens from the flock and collect from them for 3 days, then add to the incubator.
Since I have never used these incubators before I needed to do a little fiddling with it, so I figured to use my own eggs, rather than waste money & time....
I think I have the incubator figured out. It has cool spots, that I need to avoid putting eggs in or I need to rotate eggs, when I candle them.

The (2nd incubator) Hatcher gets a temp spike every 5th day of running of 104, which drops humidity.  So it needs a fan kit I think.

but for now I have 5 still in the incubator (1) and they will be there until they hatch, to see how well that one works all the way through, I will be upping humidity to 65% for lockdown.
I went to bed at 4:00 AM, and got up at 8AM and still only 2 have hatched out.
3 & 4 just Hatched! one more piped!
Well the first eggs didn't hatch on Jan 27-29. 
We have a new set of 8 eggs due Feb 3. Let's hope this works better.
We have 2 hatched, 2 -pips and 4 more we are waiting to pip. I will leave the hatched chicks in the incubator until tomorrow when they will more to a brooder. Then we will see about the other eggs at that time
Then we have another 7 more started in incubator #1 that are Due on Feb 16th.
I won't set more eggs till we figure out the incubators. They seem to have temperature swings that are unacceptable to hatching.
Hopefully we will have new chicks soon! I have a video camcorder in with the hatcher.
I may have to get new Waffer thermostats, thermometers....or maybe even build a incubator.
I have been considering this as a option, since I have 4 incubators here, so I have some parts to work with. I can order more parts
There are many interesting links on BYC for building incubators, and brooders and etc....
I have been looking at alot of designs for them and buildings.

I have to find new software for burning my videocam films as the program that came with the camera will not work with Windows Vista and of course I didn't know that when I bought the Video Cam!
I do have videos of the Chickens and Family events, but I can't burn them yet, which is a real bummer, I can't share them until I find a program that can convert & burn them.

that is about all for now on the Hatching News for now.