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I just got 12 Columbian Rock Hatching Eggs-
They arrived the 18th, set in incubator on the morning of the 19th should hatch on Nov. 9th if they are viable,
I am having trouble remembering to post to all my different websites, blogs etc.....
I will eventually have to just pick one to add everything to I think. As I cant seem to remember all the sites when I am updating things.
Got my ordered eggs yesterday, there are 16 total and were placed in the incubator today. 14 Barred Rocks and 2 B/BS Orphingtons !  they should hatch the 22nd of May. They will probably be the only May hatch for me........
April hatching is over.....the results are.
12 hatched on April 10th, 1 failure to thrive and one culled due to injury. 1 maybe to be culled later due to leg problem.

April 26th the last hatch started hatching 3 days early......21 from that setting. So far there are still 6 eggs in the incubator, if they don't hatch in the next 48 hours we will toss them.

Ordered a dozen hatching eggs, they should be shipped on April 26th. So we will have some new Barred Rock lines in our flock for next winter hatching. I am hoping for at least one Rooster from this hatching. I am unsure of how long it will take to get them in after shipping. So I don't have an estimated hatch date at this point.

We will be candling these on the 18th of April. I have set 30 eggs for this batch. I am hoping for great results. These are mixed breeds and randomly taken from my henhouse, to check fertility and h

We have 11 chicks from this hatching, there were several that didn't make it out of the egg. 1 that made it out that was injuried and weak, that was culled after the 11 trampled it.
I am going to candle the eggs in the incubator tonight, so we can tell how many of the 30 eggs are viable. There were several I was unsure of the last time I candled this hatching. So I will be checking those first, and for those that get culled there will be Eggtopsy(s) to perform. I will try to remember to post Pictures and results. I am terrible about remembering to update this blog.

I finally got the commerical brooder set up and 17 of the last 19 that hatched are in it currently, 2 appear to need feet braces and are separated for that. The older 8 will be moving to the new Chicken coop soon. Joe got the linoleum laid on the poop boards for easier cleaning; just waiting for the glue to cure! Hurray! Then all it needs is the inside door in place and the Roosts! then in move the chicks......
These chicks are growing fast...I am surprised by how quickly they are feathering and growing.

They are now in a "large Dog Wire Kennel"  they are about 1/4-1/2 the size of my adult hens. They are really beginning to look great. I am very pleased to say we have done very well with these and have not had any losses from our hatches.
the Black & whites are the Light Brahma x Barred Rocks the white with Black markings are Pure Light Brahma and the Yellow headed ones are Light Brahma x Easter Egger.

Set 30 eggs today after candling for shell Quality, weighting each eggs and numbering for easy reference. Egg weights are between 2.0 ounces and 3.0 ounces. We will be tracking weights as we candle to see if they do in fact lose 10-14% of their weight, I would think with the growing that they would gain weight not lose it. But everything I have read says different. Hmmm.
there are a couple already sold, the rest are for my projects & laying flock.

If all goes well with this hatch, we will have almost tripled our stock.