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I am going to candle the eggs in the incubator tonight, so we can tell how many of the 30 eggs are viable. There were several I was unsure of the last time I candled this hatching. So I will be checking those first, and for those that get culled there will be Eggtopsy(s) to perform. I will try to remember to post Pictures and results. I am terrible about remembering to update this blog.

I finally got the commerical brooder set up and 17 of the last 19 that hatched are in it currently, 2 appear to need feet braces and are separated for that. The older 8 will be moving to the new Chicken coop soon. Joe got the linoleum laid on the poop boards for easier cleaning; just waiting for the glue to cure! Hurray! Then all it needs is the inside door in place and the Roosts! then in move the chicks......
19 hatched!!! 18 in the brooder, 4 eggs to go!
Results of this clutch are:
27 eggs set 2/14/2010
2 infertile on Day 10 (removed day 14)
2 early quitters removed Day 18
19 hatched on the 5th (due the 7th)
4 eggs left in the incubator (doing nothing yet).
we will give them another 2 days, to do something before we remove them.
Fertility 92.59% Hatchability 70.37%

this is one Rooster over 33 hens.

hatch rates are improving (with my experience level)

Set # 1 0 chicks/6 eggs

Set #2  4 chicks/9 eggs

Set #3  4 chicks/7 eggs

Set #4 19chicks/27 eggs

I will update this as I find out about the other 4 eggs in the incubator.