Next hatch Due Feb 16th - RT Poultry & things

Candled  the eggs tonight and of the 7 set that are due Feb. 16th
1 was infertile
1 I dropped and was developing
5 I can see veining, development and movement.

of those 5,
2 seem really full already, but they have air cells, so they appear to be on schedule.

Temp 99-100.5
RH is 35-40% 
Autoturner & Fan

the green eggs (2) are Light Brahma/ EE
but the other 3 could be

Pure Light Brahma
Light Brahma x Rocks
Light Brahma x NHR
Light Brahma x Black Sex Link

I just randomly chose 7 as that was the empty turner tray I had for this batch.
Normally when I started hatching, I would bring seperate 3-4 hens from the flock and collect from them for 3 days, then add to the incubator.
Since I have never used these incubators before I needed to do a little fiddling with it, so I figured to use my own eggs, rather than waste money & time....
I think I have the incubator figured out. It has cool spots, that I need to avoid putting eggs in or I need to rotate eggs, when I candle them.

The (2nd incubator) Hatcher gets a temp spike every 5th day of running of 104, which drops humidity.  So it needs a fan kit I think.

but for now I have 5 still in the incubator (1) and they will be there until they hatch, to see how well that one works all the way through, I will be upping humidity to 65% for lockdown.
7/15/2012 16:26:08

THX for info


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