RT Poultry n Things

Just a brief history of our little farm. We have rescued animals for many years, now thanks to a gift (lol) we are in the chicken raising, egg gathering & hatching hobby.....
Alaska is not known for being great weather, but we really enjoying our entertainment. Chicken TV....I enjoy watching them every day with my morning coffee. Even at -30 they seem to like to be outside.  In the summer the Chickens range the yard for bugs, shoots tender greens and things only they find interesting.
We currently have a mixed flock, that will be split into different groups as the coops and runs become available (built).

Gifted to Us:

3 Black Sex Link Hens
1 Easter Egger Hen

Purchased June 2009 (ages ranging from 1 day -2 weeks at purchase)
5 Light Brahmas - 4 pullets & 1 cockrel
5 Barred (Plymouth) Rocks - 5 pullets
2 New Hampshire Reds - 2 pullets
23- Black Sex Link -  pullets 
                   Eggs- range from light pink to medium brown with 1 green one
                         daily gathering- ranging from 18-32

                                                                           Current Breeding Projects 2010
 1) Light Brahmas 1 Roo & 3 hens
 2) Barred Rocks 5 hens
 3) Light Brahma x Barred Rocks                    Hoping to get to the Columbian Rock in 5 years with selective breeding.


Breeders : Light Brahma or Barred Rock
Breeders F1 :
Layers (main laying flock)
                                                                                   Main Laying Flock:
   23 Black Sex Link Hens
    2  New Hampshire (Red) hens
    2  Light Brahma x Barred Rock Roosters (Feb Hatched here)

                                                                             Breeders :2010
    Light Brahma- Started with 3 hens and a Rooster.
    Barred Rock- started with 5 Barred Rock hens

                                                                             Projects : 2010
New Columbian Rock Line
Light Brahma Rooster over Barred Rock hens
F1 - chicks already in new coop~will be adding more as they hatch.
F2- will be coming next Spring-(hopefully)

Built 3 new Temporary pens for Grow out pens 
Added 1 new Breeder Run for the breeding flock, 12' x 23' x 8' tall. Added the adult breeders and the F1 chicks, need to built nest boxes and a perch.


Eggs- range from light pink to medium brown with 1 green one daily gathering ranging from 25-51.

                                                Breeder Coop has :

Barred Rock  (area 2)
Light Brahma  (area 1)

Breeders F1 (LB x BR) (area 1)

Main Laying Flock: 2011
     Black Sex Link Hens
     New Hampshire (Red) hen
     Light Brahma x Barred Rock  hens
     Light Brahma x Black Sex link hens
                                                                             Breeding Flocks :2011
   Light Brahmas      
   Barred Rock- started with 1 Rooster and  15 hens
   Columbian Rocks - started with 2 pairs

                                                                             Projects : 2011
New Line Columbian Rock  
 F1 =  started with 12 hens (Light Brahma rooster over Barred Rock hens)
 F2 = Light Brahma Roo over F1 (12 hens)
 F3 = F2 over F2

                                                                             Projects : 2011
4 Columbian Rocks from Scott in GA.
2 Roosters and 2 Hens

breeder flock pen
Columbian Rocks from GA