After Candling and seeing no movement I did eggtopsies. 1 looked to have been infertile, three were developed, 2 had internal pips, the 3rd looked to have just stopped short of internal pipping. As the temp on the hatcher was 104 and the humidity was zero, that is why I candled first. There are now no eggs left in the hatcher. I will bleach & dry it so it is ready for the next batch of eggs.  

The incubator still has 7 eggs in it. when candling there are 4 that appear infertile, I will recheck those tonight or tomorrow. Infertiles get fed to the dogs, so there is no waste. 
I will not be moving these to the hatcher, they will remain in the incubator, and I will remove the turner on day 19 raise the humidity and see what happens.

The 4 chicks that hatched on Feb 1st & 2nd seem to be doing well in the brooder. They are cute little fuzzy butts. Temp in the brooder is 94F and will be lowered a few degrees every week, until they are fully feathered and at 70F. 
I figure they will need more room in about 2 weeks, and will move to petporter kennel as needed. I have assorted sizes of those handy and can regulate Temps as needed.


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