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I have a Styrofoam incubator with Fan, plugged in with a auto-turner; the Fan & the Turner is working and it is warm in there, but I don't know if it is warm enough. DH will be bringing home new Thermometers when he comes home. Currently he is 67 miles away attempting to rebuild a Transmission for our Suburban, which left me stranded after delivering 12 dozen eggs to the local store last week.

But I think my first hatch will be light Brahma Roo over my laying flock of light Brahmas (4), Barred Rocks (5), New Hampshire Reds (2), Black Sex Link (22) and 1 EE hen.

Just to test the incubator and add to the laying flock. The Brahmas will then be separated out (so I can tell whose egg is whose) for breeding/hatching. I am also going to be getting a few chicks this spring, so I can breed Barred Rocks & New Hampshire Reds as well. But it won’t be till next year that they will be breeding age.

Then the Black Sex Link will be the laying flock and the rest will be my project/breeding birds. I am missing the Roosters for the other breeds. I have a beautiful Light Brahma Roo, but I think the girls need saddles. He has several bare backed now.

I have to find the patterns and see if I have anything to make them out of….lol

This is a project to see if this will work for me. Farmer
I will be breeding my Light Brahma Roo.....and his ladies and will try to keep my journal and pictures updated!
9/26/2012 19:53:04

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