My New Chicks! - RT Poultry & things
Well the first eggs didn't hatch on Jan 27-29. 
We have a new set of 8 eggs due Feb 3. Let's hope this works better.
We have 2 hatched, 2 -pips and 4 more we are waiting to pip. I will leave the hatched chicks in the incubator until tomorrow when they will more to a brooder. Then we will see about the other eggs at that time
Then we have another 7 more started in incubator #1 that are Due on Feb 16th.
I won't set more eggs till we figure out the incubators. They seem to have temperature swings that are unacceptable to hatching.
Hopefully we will have new chicks soon! I have a video camcorder in with the hatcher.
I may have to get new Waffer thermostats, thermometers....or maybe even build a incubator.
I have been considering this as a option, since I have 4 incubators here, so I have some parts to work with. I can order more parts
There are many interesting links on BYC for building incubators, and brooders and etc....
I have been looking at alot of designs for them and buildings.

I have to find new software for burning my videocam films as the program that came with the camera will not work with Windows Vista and of course I didn't know that when I bought the Video Cam!
I do have videos of the Chickens and Family events, but I can't burn them yet, which is a real bummer, I can't share them until I find a program that can convert & burn them.

that is about all for now on the Hatching News for now.

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